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"highmedgroup" more than a decade of training

For more than a decade, highmedgroup has held numerous international courses and workshops in various fields of medicine.


“Rastin Nano Gostar Pharmacists” group (DNR company) was established in 2016 under the brand name ‘Highmedicine’, and today this holding is involved in various fields, including specialized training for doctors and dentists, production of PRP kits, nanoliposomes, and Bio creams.

This group has always been trying to provide the best services and the best quality, and today it proudly announces that by taking advantage of the young and expert human resources of our country and cooperating with the top professors of the universities, it is the best brand of medical education among doctors. and dear specialists of our country.

Holding specialized workshops in the field of facial aesthetics and treatment of skin and hair problems, seminars on infertility treatment and prevention of genetic and viral diseases in the specialized field of gynecology and obstetrics, and workshops on general surgery and facial defect removal, is the achievements and part of the social responsibility of this group.

It is among the achievements and part of the social responsibility of this group.

HeMedicine Group is always trying to be a reliable companion for the dear doctors and specialists of our country by providing specialized and fundamental training and providing quality products and services in the field of health that are supplied based on the needs of the country and in accordance with international standards. To take a step towards improving the health level of the society.

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With more than a decade of experience in the field of medical education, “HighMedGroup” is now one of the largest medical education authorities in the field of obstetrics and gynecology and beauty in the country.

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An overview of educational workshops

Cosmetic Gynaecology

Thread Lift

Botox Filler

Mesotherapy and PRP

Fat injections( Face and hands)


Hair transplantation


Buccal Fat Removal


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